After I removed my poster from the shipping tube, it was all curled up. How do I fix this?
Like a shy mollusk taken from its shell, a Pop Chart Lab print fresh from its test tube may for a period of time remain curled inward upon itself. To emend this, you have several options. You may unroll the poster, place several heavy books upon each end, and allow it to sit for a day or two. Or you may pop the poster directly into a frame that will give it no choice but to remain flat. Or you may curl the poster the opposite direction around the shipping tube, secure both ends with rubber bands, and allow it to sit for an hour or two, thereby giving the shipping tube a chance to serve man one last time before it returns to the earth from whence it came.

My poster arrived damaged. Now what?
We pack our posters in sturdy, damage-resistant test tubes, but on occasion mail couriers do manage to completely destroy them. Would that they knew the fine products contained within the boxes they so wantonly mangle! If you’ve received a poster that has sadly suffered a cruel death en route to you, please email us a clear picture of the damage at orders@popchartlab.com within 15 days of receiving it and we’ll send out a replacement forthwith.

Do you accept returns/offer refunds?
Most of our products are returnable within 30 days of receipt, as long as they are undamaged and in re-sellable condition.  Just email orders@popchartlab.com and note your original order number.

**Please note that due to their custom assembly, we do not offer returns/refunds for framed, wood-engraved, drop-cut, paneled, or wall map prints.

What’s the deal with shipping?
We’ve helpfully included a hyperlink in our shopping cart that contains all manner of information on shipping. Click there and all will be revealed. Or, here are the broad outlines: a. we generally ship within 2 business days of your order (for print-only orders); b. we ship all over the world; c. we offer several speeds of shipping, at appropriate prices; and d. we don’t kill our customers on shipping charges and in fact offer free standard shipping on domestic orders of $75 or more.

How do your shirts fit?
We’ve included a sizing chart on each t-shirt product page, but in general our shirts fit fairly snug.

The shirt I ordered is too large or too small or too awesome. Can I exchange it?
Of course you may. Email us at orders@popchartlab.com with the reason you’d like to exchange it, and we’ll provide directions for shipping the item back to us.

How do I care for my Pop Chart Lab shirt?
To keep a PCL shirt looking mint, it’s best to wash it inside out in cold water and then line dry it. You can also tumble dry it on the lowest heat setting. If you dry it on high heat it may, like all products made of fine cotton, slightly shrink.

Do you sell framed posters?
YES!  On every product page, you can select from a veritable smörgåsbord of options in the Pop Chart Lab Framing Suite.  These include: beautiful, handmade frames at every print size; our original poster hanging rails; and elegant, borderless poster-mounting on birch ply panels.  Each option comes in a bevy of colors/finishes, and includes mounting instructions and hardware.  

I live in Brooklyn. Just like you! Can I pick up my Pop Chart Lab product in person?
At this time, we’re not set up for direct retail sales, but check our Retail Locations page for stores that carry our products. We can often be found at local craft fairs, flea markets, and bazaars; check our Twitter and Facebook pages for more details.

How can I offer PCL merchandise in my retail store?
Check out our Wholesale Inquiries page for more information.

Will you produce a custom poster or t-shirt for me?
Due to the economies of scale, it’s quite expensive for us to produce a one-off design. All the same, email us at popchartlab@popchartlab.com and we’ll be happy to discuss the matter with you.

How do I find out when PCL releases new merchandise?
Follow us on Twitter, friend us on Facebook, or sign up for our email newsletter and you’ll be the first to know every time the world gets a little more awesome.